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Task Groups, CAMP Integration, Maintenance reports and iCalendar updates

Tasks Wonderland Attach tasks to trips, pilots, aircraft and more! Create your checklists with groups of tasks on a trip, and set reminders for easier follow-up.   Keep track of your maintenance Coming soon! We’re working on an integration with CAMP that triggers warnings when an aircraft is up for maintenance. Want to try it out? Contact us […]

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Maintenance alerts, PayNode payments, Quote Intelligence and fuel requests

1. Maintenance Alerts Keep track and set reminders for important due dates and counts based on aircraft activity and date.   2. Make payments fly Avoid double entry by sending invoices directly to PayNode.     PayNode is the world’s first payment platform specifically designed for business aviation. 3. Who’s your best customer? Spend time on the right […]

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Aircraft Maintenance Logs, Quote Intelligence, Auto Fuel and more

1. Aircraft Maintenance Logs Update historical aircraft totals and track ongoing aircraft flight logs Coming soon: Maintenance alerts based on tracked aircraft activity and date. 2. Who’s your best customer? Know your numbers and get a clear overview of your customer conversion rate with Quote Intelligence. 3. Let SchedAero fuel for you Enable automatic fuel requests and we’ll send fuel […]

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Quote Intelligence, SIFL Tax Reporting, iCalendar Improvements and More

1. See all past quotes of a route Keep pricing consistent and see trends over time with Quote Intelligence. 2. Intelligently choose routes  Find the most popular airports to see where charter passengers are going. 3. SIFL – make your accounting team happy Enable easier SIFL tax reporting and track your client’s SIFL status on trips. 4. iCalendar […]

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Increase efficiency in two clicks

Book your World Fuel | Colt fuel in SchedAero and streamline your process. Start today in the Logistics tab of any Scheduled Trip! Do you need more detail on how it works? Learn more here. Coming soon: Track sent requests, access fuel release forms in SchedAero and invoice fuel expenses in your trip. See what other […]

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Monthly Tip: NOTAMS & ADDS Weather

View dispatch resources on a single page With NOTAMS & ADDS Weather integration, see relevant flight information within SchedAero. When managing a Trip under the Logistics tab, easily check relevant weather & security notices. Start by viewing FAA flight planning resources. Simply select “View NOTAMS”. Then, view weather notification by selecting “ADDS Weather”. One less thing for you to worry about, just […]

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Monthly Tip: Add Customer Preferences

Show your customers you care & keep track of customer preferences with SchedAero.   With a little help from your SchedAero client database, you can keep track of client preferences and notes for each trip.  It’s easy to provide excellent customer service your customers will notice. Add specific notes to remember important details when creating […]

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Monthly Tip: Book hotels for your crew using SchedAero

Manage scheduled trips from start-to-finish without exiting the SchedAero system or re-entering information. Simply click Book a hotel under Logistics on upcoming trips. Choose from a variety of options such as location, rating and average nightly rate to search for the perfect accommodation for your crew. The best part? No extra data re-entry! All trip information, including reservation confirmation, is automatically added to […]

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Get organized with Trip Folders

Dealing with multiple vendors throughout the scheduling process giving you a headache? Instead of creating desktop folders, let SchedAero organize and keep track of trip details for you.  It’s easy to add things like invoices for catering, fuel, and transportation, as well as permits, confirmation forms, quotes from vendors or even your own customized documents! It’s simple. […]

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3 Tips for Faster Quoting

You may ask, “how can I speed up the quoting process in SchedAero?”  We’ve got three simple changes that will improve your overall quoting speed and allow more time for you to grow your business.  Transform your quoting process in lightning speed!   1. The enter key is your best friend Avoid using the “Add […]

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