SchedAero Policies

Changes to Terms and Conditions

Effective 17 May 2018, the SchedAero General Terms and Conditions were updated.  Here is a summary of what changed from the prior version:

  1. Added Section 3.3.5 – The Member agrees that users may receive emails from the Site and may manage their email preferences in the user profile.
  2. Revised Section 7.1.1 – SchedAero may now make changes to the General Terms and Conditions by posting the revised General Terms and Conditions on the site.
  3. Revised Section 15 – Added Personal Data as a new defined term.
  4. Added to Section 16 – Added clauses regarding the processing and handling of Personal Data as required by the General Data Protection Regulation and other applicable laws.
  5. Version number was changed to 2018.1.1