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Generate comprehensive trip quotes in seconds

With Schedaero's user-friendly quoting tool, you can generate professional, personalized quotes quickly and easily.

Easily manage trips, aircraft and crew

Keep operations in order with Schedaero's advanced scheduling software.

Access your data anytime and anywhere

Manage flight operations on-the-go with desktop and mobile devices via our web-based platform.

Full Avinode Marketplace Integration

Easily integrate your flight operations with the Avinode Marketplace, the world's largest online Marketplace for buying and selling charter.

World-Class Customer Support

At Schedaero we pride ourselves on offering the support you need to make our product work for your business.

Reliability and Data Security

Know your data is safe, secure and always accessible with our failsafe technology platform.

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Trip quoting

With Schedaero, build professional quotes in seconds. Create quotes that will impress customers and save time with the help of automatic settings.


Optimize your fleet schedule and improve aircraft uptime. Customize with color-coded filters and create individual and company views.


Streamline your workflow with checklists. Schedaero helps you prioritize and stay focused. Never miss a detail again!

Customer Trip Sheets

Produce professional trip sheets for passengers and pilots. With clear itineraries, your customers feel taken care of.

Expense tracking

Record expenses per trip and employee, and create aviation-tailored expense reports for your accounting team.

Crew and passenger notes

Organize crew and passenger information in one place and provide superior service with individual customer notes.

Fuel forecasting

Compare fuel prices to ensure you are getting the best deal and request fuel for upcoming trips with our WorldFuel | Colt integration.


Keep track of outstanding and paid invoices with our Quickbooks export and PayNode integration.

Jet Card

Consolidate all charter sales operations and manage your Jet Card business directly from Schedaero's charter sales tool.

Maintenance tracking

Handle aircraft maintenance logs with Schedaero, and receive reminders when an aircraft is nearing mandatory maintenance.

Flight and duty logs

Keep compliant with FAR 135 regulations by maintaining Schedaero's easy-to-use flight and duty logs.

Customized quotes

Spend less time creating quotes with our professional templates, which can be customized with line items, multiple tails and customer information.

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Easily add legs and flight details to build your itinerary

Customize trips and choose from 250+ line items

Customize the color of aircraft, crew and events

See quick details and hover over to view related legs

Keep organized with checklists

Create customized notes

Prepare trip sheets for passengers and crew

Include helpful details, photos and notes

Create new expenses with customized categories

View trip receipts and edit expenses as you go

Collect important customer notes

Confirm crew by leg

Send fuel requests for all upcoming trips

Customized with your WorldFuel prices

Keep all operations together in one place

Stay organized with trip and reference numbers

Track Jet Card type and balance

Keep a record of your customer activity

Highlight important maintenance reminders

Keep your fleet up-to-date

Highlight important reminders

Find exactly what you need with filters

Look professional with your logo and aircraft photos

Choose from seven quote layouts

Additional modules

Make your workflow your own, with integrations that make it even easier to conduct daily operations.
  • Integrates with both desktop and online versions
  • Free up your time with accurate invoice mapping
  • Speed up invoicing and get paid on time, every time
Flight Portal
  • Control and customize access for each user
  • Enable pilots and clients to download trip sheets
  • Allow owners to view aircraft activity and request trips
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  • Deliver your schedule to your crew and owners
  • View your calendar on iPhone, iPad and Outlook
  • Quickly access critical trip information

What our customers say

At Schedaero, we are committed to making our system meet and exceed the expectations of our members. Read more stories about our customer’s success, powered by Schedaero.

SchedAero’s charter quoting tool has reduced time spent creating quotes from 6 to 2.5 minutes.  I would recommend SchedAero’s charter quoting tool to any operator looking to free up time in their charter sales function.

Phil Brockwell, Commercial Director Centreline

The SchedAero team feels like an extension of ours. They go out of their way to train, inform and listen to our pain-points to shape future developments. SchedAero is a great product, and we believe in the Avinode Group of products.

Alex Marin, Chief Executive Officer MyJetSaver

I would recommend SchedAero to any Part 135 charter team looking for charter quoting and a seamless Avinode integration. SchedAero is intuitive and doesn’t take long to learn, anyone can pick it up and get going.

Adison Haycock, Director of Charter Sales CI Jets

Executive Flight Services would not be as successful as we are today without SchedAero. The SchedAero team is attentive to our needs and works hard to find the solution or create new innovative functionality to solve our efficiency pain-points.

Case May, Executive Flight Services Executive Flight Services

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Schedaero features

Schedaero's web-based software is designed specifically for operators, with a suite of tools for managing charter sales, operations, administration and compliance.

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