Schedaero Helps Air Charter Scotland Deliver Outstanding Service

With offices in Glasgow and London, Air Charter Scotland operates a fleet ranging from the Cessna Citation CJ3 to the Dassault Falcon 7X. The company’s wide range of customers includes high-net-worth individuals, royals and musicians on tour.

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The Customer

Headquartered in Glasgow, Air Charter Scotland operates a fleet ranging from the Cessna Citation CJ3 to the Dassault Falcon 7x.

The Challenge

Already very highly regarded, how could Air Charter Scotland build an even stronger reputation for customer service?

The Solution

Use Schedaero to make activities including quoting, invoicing and reporting as fast and efficient as possible

The Result

Air Charter Scotland’s customer service and management is now even more exceptional.

Michelle McMullan, sales manager at Air Charter Scotland, says: “Even as the company grows, we like to keep a personal feel to the business. Our customers become familiar with their contacts here. From our sales team to our flight attendants, our goal is to go above and beyond expectations.”

Understandably, therefore, using Schedaero’s web-based software – supporting tasks from quoting and invoicing to analysis and reporting – makes perfect sense for Air Charter Scotland.

Efficient quoting
Air Charter Scotland’s customers are people on the move. They need answers fast. Schedaero helped speed up turnaround time considerably by automatically populating customer quotes with information, minimizing the time Air Charter Scotland’s sales team needs to spend entering data.

“Schedaero saves us time by automating tasks we would otherwise have to carry out manually. Schedaero is simply one of the best tools available for a charter sales team.”

Michelle McMullan, Sales Manager


“Creating quotes is very straightforward using Schedaero,” says McMullan. “Being able to use pre-programmed aircraft pricing profiles is a particular benefit. After all, operating costs for, say, an Embraer Legacy 650 are very different from the operating costs for a Cessna Citation CJ3. And, in the past, we didn’t have technology that could ‘think for itself’ to help us and so it was very time-consuming to work out every quote. Now, Schedaero automatically uses pre-programmed pricing profiles, which allow us to generate accurate quotes for each aircraft more quickly and efficiently than before. When you are delivering up to 300 quotes a day, as we often are at Air Charter Scotland, that increase in speed on every quote adds up to make a big difference.

“Using Schedaero, our customer quotes look much more professional than before, which really helps from a marketing perspective.”

Michelle McMullan, Sales Manager


“And, using Schedaero, our customer quotes look much more professional than before,” continues McMullan, “which really helps from a marketing perspective.”

McMullan also praises Schedaero’s “user-friendly” process for editing quotes. “For example, I have just updated all the aircraft images we use on our quotes and the whole process only took me 10 minutes.”

McMullan adds: “I’d say we are generating quotes perhaps 30-40% faster using Schedaero than before.”

Rapid reporting

Generating quotes is just one of SchedAero’s many functions. The software provides administrative support for activities ranging from drawing up customer contracts and invoices to generating detailed reports.

“Schedaero’s reporting functionality means we can quickly review, for example, each customer’s activities with us,” says McMullan. “We can easily compare our summer and winter operations, analyze and calculate flight times and rapidly pull information on aircraft utilization. Schedaero does all the hard work for us.”

Improving critical communications

“By holding so much information in one place, Schedaero also improves our internal communications and visibility,” says McMullan. “Customer notes, such as address changes, can easily be shared between our sales and accounts staff. And so can updates tracking the progress of invoices, for example. Being able to access [web-based] Schedaero from anywhere helps keep business and information flowing too.”

“Seamless integration” with the Marketplace

McMullan appreciates Schedaero’s “seamless integration” with the online Avinode Marketplace for buying and selling air charter, which helps operators establish and build relationships with brokers globally and so increase aircraft utilization.

“Using Schedaero and the Marketplace together brings you a great deal of functionality,” says McMullan. “They may be separate products but they act as one system. Being able to market your aircraft and comprehensively respond to requests, all in one place, is very helpful.”

Fast customer support

What happens if any questions arise? “Schedaero’s staff are always quick to react,” says McMullan. “The team there understand our business and know that if we do need support, we’ll need that support quickly.

“The Avinode Group is always open to suggestions and eager to improve Schedaero. The platform is constantly being changed for the better.”

“Creating quotes is very straightforward using Sched”ero, being able to use pre-programmed aircraft pricing profiles is a particular benefit.”

Michelle McMullan, Sales Manager

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