Avinode and SchedAero makes our entire workflow more flow and less work!

Lucy Brkic, Sales executive

Founded by captain Wolfram Waechter in May 2015, DAS Private Jets revolves around providing top-notch customer service and safety. They are able to deliver excellence thanks to their dynamic and skilled crew, which includes 10 contracted pilots and a few freelancer pilots, plus 5 agents on their sales team. Their fleet of sleek planes, like their CJ1, PH100 and PH300s, also helps when it comes to giving their customers consistent experiences of luxury and convenience.

DAS Jets is both old and new: it took over the business of its mother company, Donau-Air-Service, after the retirement of its chief pilot. Meaning thirty years of aviation experience is combined with fresh vision. They plan to complete a new hangar in southwestern Germany with two parking bays for middle-size jets by the end of the year, as well as move into a bigger office facility.

In light of this growth, DAS Jets was seeking a better system for keeping their flight operations in order. They had been using Avinode Marketplace for years when they were introduced to Avinode’s dedicated flight ops software, SchedAero.

Lucy Brkic, Sales executive describes the evolution:

At the beginning we have used to work with Marketplace, which already was a great software for us. But the operating part was lagging behind, as we didn’t have any particular program which could help us to modify the process. Then we have tried SchedAero for couple of months and were excited about it. It was exactly what we were looking for.

Lucy Brkic, Sales executive

Beyond streamlining processes like aircraft and crew scheduling, documenting compliance and logging maintenance updates, SchedAero has also created value for DAS Jets when it comes to Sales.

Using SchedAero was a great progress in our Sales & Ops operation process. We wanted to make work more efficient and this program is helping us to save a great deal of time. Since we do not have to issue the details twice, we just can drop them from quotes to schedule which makes the entire workflow more flow and less work!

Lucy Brkic, Sales executive

It’s clear that DAS Jets has a promising future ahead of it and we’re excited to see what they accomplish next!

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