“Dude where’s my aircraft?” A Story of Creativity & Innovation

From the imagination of our developers to reality.  Each year, every employee stops all other projects for 24 hours for “InNODation Day”.  During this time, “Noders” and “SchedHeads” rally together across teams and oceans to create something from the depths of their imagination, which normally wouldn’t be prioritized.


“SchedAero values innovation and InNODation Day fosters this culture. When teams step away from everyday projects, they get a chance to express themselves and scratch and itch they’ve been thinking about. All of our features are prioritized based on customer feedback, and on this day, we ask our developers: ‘what would you build?’” says SchedAero Chief Product Owner, John Fenger.

This year’s competition was fierce, but the winner was clear; SchedAero’s very own Lou Corisdeo and Jeff Ellis took the grand prize for their ingenious “Dude where’s my aircraft?” project.

“Dude where’s my aircraft?” aimed to give crew, charter sales people and flight departments a quick overview of their fleet with Maps. Lou and Jeff envisioned a tool for members to get a visual idea of fleet utilization instead of reading all the details.

Lou, Senior SchedAero Developer added, “Looking at a busy flight schedule there was a lot of information to know where an aircraft may be on any given day.   It seemed like the easiest way to answer the question of ‘Dude where is my aircraft?’ was to show you.”


One day of innovation and creativity lead to further collaboration and refinement, and now, we proudly present you the Map tab in your Calendar.

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