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In case you missed out on our latest email blast. Here are the latest product news from Schedaero:

With an expanded team of 22 developers, all dedicated to making Schedaero the most comprehensive scheduling system for business aviation, we have been working hard delivering on our roadmap for 2019. If you haven’t been visiting us for a while, here are three out of many products developments you might have been missing out on.

Schedaero’s new integration bridges the gap

What gap you wonder? The gap between Flight operators and FBO services. With the new integration between Schedaero and FlightBridge you can now access data from FlightBridge trip services in Schedaero. And if you are in FlightBridge you can access Schedaero trip / legs data. When you’re all set you will have all the info in one place, in your Schedaero trip sheet. Without any double entry of data! We just made your life easier 🙂

Read more about the Schedaero / FlightBridge integration

Training and Currency module available

The latest brick in the ambitious Schedaero roadmap is our new pilot training and currency module. With this new module you will get an overview of all your upcoming training needs. You will get warnings when a pilot is unqualified to perform a mission, due to lack or training or qualifications. If that’s not enough, we have also added the functionality that will give you a heads up when a training due date is approaching. All this will make sure that your pilots can stay airborne as much as possible and without interruptions.

The module is available now!
Login to Schedaero to watch the video about Training and Currency.

Multiple tails on scheduled trips – Now available!

You can now assign multiple aircraft to a single trip in Schedaero.
In the past you had to create multiple trips to achieve a multiple aircraft assignment. This process was cumbersome and not very user-friendly. With our latest release it’s now possible to update aircraft on a leg by leg basis as needed. If an aircraft goes down for maintenance, you can substitute in another one on the affected legs.

– Saves time
– More efficient workflow
– Easier to keep track of trips with multiple legs
– Flexibility to supplement aircraft as needed


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