Aviation Safety Is No Accident

In 1996, when the National Safety Council (NSC) established June as National Safety Month, the goal was to keep people safe – in the workplace or anyplace. The summer timing was no coincidence. Risks increase as people get out in the heat, sun and water. Throughout the month, the NSC will be sharing free materials about staying injury free and healthy. You can find its helpful tips and resources here.

The NSC’s consciousness has us thinking, too, and wanting to share those thoughts with you. Systems and humans do not always perform as expected. You need layers of safety systems to ensure positive outcomes when things do not go as planned. Schedaero’s next-generation, flight-ops platform doesn’t simply help flight operations modernize by going digital and paper free. It fosters safer operations and an efficient flow state that enables you to communicate seamlessly with all departments and provide needed checks and balances.


Compliance and Currency

You can track pilot and maintenance training schedules. Check first-class medical expiration dates, TSA ground crew, duty logs, passports, pilot licenses and more. If something is about to expire, you can get it scheduled and issued, then make updates real time with the crew flight log. Push information through integrations with  Schedaero’s safety-focused partners such as FlightSafety International and Wyvern.

Our robust integrations and APIs (application program interfaces) enable different types of software to talk to each other. Schedaero’s open API gives you the advantages that come from owning and leveraging your own data. You benefit from an end-to-end solution for compliance and regulations, such as exporting data for FAA audits.

“Operators used to manually track everything because they had to. A better way didn’t exist,” says Ben Lackey, Schedaero head of acquisition. “Today, a generation of pilots, schedulers and technicians have grown up with phones in their pockets. They want and expect information to be at their fingertips. When decisions need to be made fast, Schedaero helps ensure they have the facts at hand.”

Ben Lacky, Head of Acquisition, Schedaero flight operations

“Over the years I have seen some pretty ingenious ways operators were tracking pilot training,” says Ben Lackey, Schedaero head of acquisition. “The one that I’ll never forget was a multilayered, carnival-style wheel that was rotated once clockwise for the training item, and then again counterclockwise for the pilot. There really wasn’t a perfect solution for them out there at the time, so they had to be creative and problem solve. The issue with doing it that way is that today’s generation of pilots, schedulers and technicians have grown up with phones in their pockets. They want and expect accurate information to be readily available and easy to access. Safety is the top priority, and Schedaero helps ensure they have up-to-date information at hand, anytime they need it.”


A Partner Who Has Your Back

Coming out of shutdowns and disruptions caused by COVID, private aviation has never been busier. The flurry of summer travel has ramped up the activity, too. Most operators have more requests than they can handle. This creates staffing challenges. Finding experienced employees can be challenging. Products need to be intuitive so new people can be easily trained to proficiency.

“I’ve started to hear operators are having trouble finding qualified and experienced employees on the sales and dispatch side,” says Lackey. “I believe we can help them solve this problem. We’ve designed the Schedaero platform to be easy to use and easy to teach. When you couple that with our recently expanded ops functionality and the automated warnings and safeguards that the system has built in, the outcome allows Schedaero customers to expand their recruiting efforts to include a pool of prospective employees that may not have aviation experience. Because they are up to speed faster, they are able to generate value for our customer’s organization sooner than they otherwise would have.”

Since Avinode introduced customers to Schedaero back in 2010, our platform has dramatically evolved into a complete replacement for forward-thinking, U.S. operators’ flight scheduling and aircraft management systems. That evolution continues.

“We constantly evaluate about how we can add value incrementally for our customers,” says Lackey. “No one knows the challenges they’re facing better than they do. By partnering with them and listening to their feedback, the system can continually evolve to help tackle the next challenge they might face.”


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