SchedAero Celebrates Innovation & Creative Thinking

Together with our sister company, Avinode, “Noders” and “SchedHeads” celebrate innovation, imagination and creative problem solving.

So what is “InNODdation” day, anyway?

Each year, every employee stops all other projects for 24 hours.  During this time, Noders and SchedHeads are encouraged to take a stab at creating something from the depths of their imagination, which normally wouldn’t be prioritized.

In the days prior, ideas are gathered and teams are formed, often across offices… and countries! After kickoff, teams get to work.  This year, InNODation projects ranged from enhancements to our everyday operations, to events and fantastically creative system improvements.


When time runs out, each team is to present the project to the office and subsequently vote on which should move on to the final round.  Some of the favorites this year included projects aimed at Avinode and SchedAero giving back to make the world better, “My Avinode Wallet,” “Dude, where’s my owner,” “Dude, where’s my aircraft,” a custom quote template builder and many others. Members can look forward to hearing (and seeing) more of these projects in the future!


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