SchedAero Celebrates Triple-Digit Growth in 2015

SchedAero, the world’s fastest web-based aircraft and crew scheduling software system, is celebrating the signing of its 60th client in Europe and its 200th client worldwide. Recently updated and moderated to cater to European charter operators, SchedAero has grown four-fold in Europe, from 14 clients in Spring 2014 to 60 in April 2015 (signing Naljets, UK). SchedAero has also signed its 200th global client (Evolution Jets, US).

SchedAero offers major time-savings for charter operators thanks to SchedAero Quotation, the fastest quote-building tool on the market, which enables charter operators to make major time-savings by calculating prices for client quotes and proposals in real-time as the customer’s itinerary is developed, rather than repeatedly entering data across multiple pages.

Switzerland-based Vertis Aviation signed with SchedAero in August 2014. Neil Turnbull, COO, Vertis Aviation says: “Our decision to switch to SchedAero Quotation last year was a wise one. Over the last few months, we have been able to provide a much higher level of personalised quotes to our clients, which they in turn have responded very positively to. Our team has made time-savings on a daily basis which has been a valuable part of our business as it allows us to continue to build on our high levels of customer service and productivity.”

Air Corviglia AG, a small, private airline based in Switzerland, moved to SchedAero in 2013. Imke Zanetti, sales manager, Air Corviglia AG, says: “SchedAero helps us a lot in our daily business. SchedAero Quotation is very easy to use and you can access the programme anywhere in the world, which gives us the opportunity to work as a very small company seven days a week – without being in the office all the time. It only takes a few minutes to create a quote, passenger briefing or crew briefing and this can even be created on a mobile phone.

”We worked beforehand with other systems, but they were either more expensive or were not as simple as SchedAero. All of the forms and briefings are very detailed and have an easy-to-read structure. With its ease of use and clear structure, SchedAero allows our company to concentrate on our main business – that of flying and satisfying our customers.”

Johan Sjöberg, business manager, SchedAero, says: “SchedAero, which caters to both Part 91 and 135 global operators, allows operators to cut the entire process of producing a quote and sending it out from 10 minutes to one minute, freeing up more valuable time to follow up with the client. SchedAero is accessible on mobile devices, giving access to our customers from wherever they are based.”

SchedAero also offers the full range of functionality normally found in scheduling systems, including the ability to schedule aircraft and pilots, create invoices, pilot and passenger breifings, send handling requests, calendars and a number of integrations to third party systems including Avinode, Ical, Expedia, Wyvern and Quickbooks.

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