Schedaero launches FlightBridge integration

Using several different software and systems in flight operations is quite common these days, so integrations is a big deal for most companies. That’s why we at Schedaero see integrations as a core part of our product development strategy, making sure Schedaero can be integrated to almost any other system/software on the market.

We are working with integrations in two ways. One part is the Schedaero API that can be used to funnel Schedaero data into other applications, making it possible to access data without going into Schedaero and vice versa. The other part is building ready-made integrations that are ready to use as soon as you start using Schedaero.

Our latest addition to our list of ready-made integrations is the Flightbridge integration. With FlightBridge, managing trip services is easier and more efficient than ever. FlightBridge brings the entire process and all your arrangements together in one place, so you can connect with your network and work more efficiently.

With the Schedaero / FlightBridge integration you will:

  • Get all the trip services data from FlightBridge auto-populated into Schedaero
  • Get auto-populated trips info (from Schedaero) in FlightBridge
  • No longer need to cut and paste data between systems. No more double entry!

See all integrations on or contact us at to get more info about this integration.

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