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The smoothest way of managing, scheduling and optimizing your flight operations.


Constant changes, crew logistics and many players to keep in the loop are each what makes flight operations management a challenge.

Schedaero gathers your data in a modern system, giving you streamlined processes, smoother communications, and top-notch security. Simply put: fewer headaches and a more efficient flow.

Schedaero is a flexible, easy to use software made for charter operators, flight departments and equipment manufacturers. It makes data flow freely between departments, keeping everyone up to speed at all times.


Find your optimized flow

Easily access your data through our robust integrations. Let your flight ops information flow freely within your own eco-system.


Stay ahead of issues

Schedaero gives you complete visibility of what aircraft is available and who can crew it. Helping you stay compliant at all times.


Seamless communications

Keep all departments in the loop. Schedaero makes your information visible in the right place at the right time.

The Schedaero Playlist

To help you get into the flow, we’ve created the Schedaero Playlist . It’s a collection of songs that are scientifically proven to boost concentration and focus. Perfect for busy workdays with tight deadlines!

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Schedaero - the smoothest way of managing, scheduling and optimizing your flight operations.

Friction free onboarding

Thanks to a streamlined interface, new team members can use Schedaero like a pro within days rather than weeks.
If you are new to Schedaero we help you make the transfer easy and the onboarding a real joy.

Let’s make your flight operations flow.

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