A superior
flightops solution

A streamlined and steadfast platform for managing aircraft, scheduling flights and keeping all your stakeholders on the same page.

Manage Trips

Coordinate trips, aircraft and crew

Easily piece together what aircraft is available, who can crew it, where the fuel is coming from – and all the rest.

Tailor the system to your needs...

Whether you operate a huge fleet or a single jet, scale Schedaero up or down according to how you do business.

Respond to buyers quickly

...and your

Organize your fleet information on a need-to-know basis, keeping it simple for everyone from dispatchers to pilots to aircraft owners.

The way modern technology should work

Intelligent is the key word.

Our product specialists and developers are here to help you use Schedaero in a way that boosts your profit margins and pursue higher and higher levels of performance. A lot of this revolves around data, and how you can use it to your advantage by creating connections through APIs.

Just some examples:

  • Level up your internal efficiency. Integrate Schedaero with your CRM, accounting systems and other internal processes. Avoid double entry and empower better teamwork.
  • Use data for analytics. Connect Schedaero with business analytics tools to know what to focus on and where you can improve.
  • Create value for customers. Build your own technology, like an owner app or passenger app using the Schedaero API.

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For charter operators

With easy-to-use software for quoting and scheduling, you can commit more time to optimizing and expanding your business

Quote faster & smarter

With Schedaero’s auto-filling quote templates, you can send out more quotes per day, ensure better accuracy and answer brokers quickly.

Chase the right deals

Focus on the customers that are more likely to convert. Consult your data in Schedaero to see which quotes to prioritize.

Connect to the Avinode Workflow

Get leads, push your availability and empty legs directly to the Avinode Marketplace and manage your payments with Paynode.

For flight departments

As simple or as comprehensive as you need it to be. You can lean on Schedaero for every aspect of a fleet’s operation, or just choose what makes sense for your team.

Easy onboarding

Thanks to a streamlined interface, new team members can use Schedaero like a pro within days rather than weeks.

Smoother scheduling

Many moving parts – and changes all the time. That’s just the nature of flight scheduling. Schedaero makes flight coordination easy and helps you avoid costly mistakes.

Access Your Data

Real-time information for everyone

With Schedaero, everyone from owners to pax to crew members have access to the latest information.


With Schedaero comes Paynode, our multi-option payments platform that allows you to request, secure and track payments – regardless of structure, circumstance, or location.

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