The essential platform

for managing aircraft, scheduling flights
and optimizing your charter sales

Charter sales with speed and accuracy

Schedaero brings your charter sales activities together in one place: scheduling, quoting and invoicing. All the details, all taken care of, with every eventuality covered. It’s an easy-to-use software that lets you commit more time to optimizing and expanding your business.


Chase the right deals

Focus on the customers that are more likely to convert. Consult your data in Schedaero to see which quotes to prioritize


Quote faster & smarter

With Schedaero’s auto-filling quote templates, you can send out more quotes per day, ensure better accuracy and answer brokers quickly.


Get paid instantly

With our Paynode integration, you can easily request payment with your quote and get paid by card, wire or instant payment.

Connect to the Avinode Workflow

With Scheadaero, Avinode and Paynode working seamlessly togehter you’ll get an efficient workflow optimized for maximum exposure and profit.
Get leads, push your availability and empty legs directly to the Avinode Marketplace and manage your payments with Paynode. Want to know more?


Bring your air charter payments together

Paynode offers you the flexibility and comfort of paying anyone, exactly the way you want. By card, wire or instant payment, you can close deals more securely than ever. Everything is taken care of in one easy workflow. Saving you time, money and stress in the process. Welcome to your new comfort zone.



Setup and send a quote in less than 30s with our renowned quoting module


operators using Schedaero

Make the same choice as other successful companies have done. Schedaero is the backbone platform for Flight operations


customer dedication

We have a dedicated team of customer support specialists standing by to ensure that you get what you need with Schedaero

Scale up your business with integrations

Integrate Schedaero with your CRM, accounting systems and other internal processes to avoid double entry and empower better teamwork. Build your own technology, like an owner app or passenger app using the Schedaero API. Easily connect Schedaero with business analytics tools to know what to focus on and where you can improve.

Reporting & Insights

Stay competitive – and profitable. View customer buying patterns and market demand when building your quotes. With Schedaero’s advanced reporting functionality you will have all the important graphs and data available 24/7. Get in touch with us if you want to know more.

Start your onboarding today

Thanks to a streamlined interface, new team members can use Schedaero like a pro within days rather than weeks. If you are new to Schedaero we help you make the transfer easy and the onboarding a real joy.