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Our story

In an industry plagued with archaic fleet management systems, we saw an opportunity to build an easy-to-use tool to manage flight operations and drive sales. SchedAero was founded with operators, flight departments and private aircraft owners in mind, and we have been committed to customer-centric development and support ever since.

We build better solutions with you

At SchedAero, we pride ourselves on offering you the tools your business needs to make our product work for your business. SchedAero also offers support through seminars and personalized training.

SchedAero was founded to fill a customer need, and continues to develop the product based on feedback from our clients. Our growing team of 12 developers design the system based on what we hear from our customers. We welcome new ideas and look forward to building even better solutions together. 

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Part of the Avinode Group

Avinode was founded in 2002 when three Swedish graduate students had a wild idea: booking a private jet should be as easy as booking a commercial flight or hotel.

Fast forward to today, the Avinode Marketplace is the go-to professional standard for buying and selling air charter online.

Together, Avinode, SchedAero and PayNode are building smarter technology solutions for business aviation.

Avinode is the world’s largest online marketplace for buying and selling private air charter. There are more than 7,000 aviation professionals using the system daily, with 3,200 aircraft listed in the Marketplace, and 450,000 flight requests processed a month. The Avinode Marketplace features online quoting, availability reports, integrated scheduling, empty leg reports and safety data.

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PayNode is a wholly owned subsidiary of Avinode Group. It is the world’s first payment service provider created to support the global business aviation industry. We offer fast payment settlement, notification and fund movement – independent of geographical location, currency and transaction value. It is the new way to pay for high value transactions: 24/7, 365.

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Our team

Look out for our team in blue at tradeshows and industry events, or get in touch here. We would love to meet you!


Johan Sjöberg
Business Manager
Max Liebermann
Sales Manager EMEA
Tristan Punnett
Regional Sales Manager
Heidrich Vicci
Regional Sales Manager
Justin Ryun
Regional Sales Manager
Dana Potucek
Product Specialist Manager
Evelyn Franco
Sales Support Representative

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Avinode was the first company to move business aviation online, disrupting an entire industry with a technology-first mindset. This level of sophistication doesn’t stop us from having fun, however. We “Noders” find it important to enjoy an open and friendly work atmosphere, where a bit of quirky humor is always welcome. With 46 employees in Gothenburg and 35 in Miami and Portland, our flexible and collaborative culture empowers every single person to come forward with new ideas, to make mistakes and initiate dialogue. Does this sound like you? View job openings, and join our growing team.




Avinode Academy

Avinode, SchedAero and PayNode hosted 180 attendees from 80 companies worldwide to gain actionable insights into how to sell more, become more profitable and enhance customer experience.

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Avinode Academy 2018

Avinode Academy is our signature yearly event, designed specifically for Avinode, SchedAero and PayNode members. In the company of business aviation professionals from around the world, participants gain actionable insights into how to take their business to new heights.

The Academy will take place May 2-3, 2018 at the Edition Hotel in Miami.

We are hiring!

Join our team of innovators in Gothenburg Sweden, Miami Florida and Portland Oregon.

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