The platform for an efficient flight-ops business

As simple or as comprehensive as you need it to be. As an operator you can lean on Schedaero for every aspect of a fleet’s operation, or just choose what makes sense for your team.

Coordinate trips, aircraft and crew

Easily piece together what aircraft is available, who can crew it, where the fuel is coming from – and all the rest.

Smooth flight scheduling

Many moving parts – and changes all the time. That’s just the nature of flight scheduling. Schedaero makes flight coordination easy and helps you avoid costly mistakes.

Easy onboarding

Thanks to a streamlined interface new team members can use Schedaero like a pro within days – rather than weeks

A comprehensive and flexible platform

With a vast amount of features, you can manage every aspect of your operations from maintenance schedules to invoicing without leaving the platform. You can also customize your setup by implementing our existing integrations or by forging your own with the help of our team.


”Schedaero streamlines the whole process and gives me a complete picture”

Steven Longinott
Director of Training and
Assistant Chief Pilot – Reliant Air Charter