Avinode Group doubles Portland tech development team

Portland, Oregon, 1 October 2018: Avinode Group, the leading technology and data partner for the business air charter industry, is significantly investing in new tech talent for its engineering, testing, product and design team for Schedaero. The company has more than doubled its Portland-based developers from 10 to 21 over the past 12 months.


The expanded teams’ additional resources have been put to use accelerating the development of Avinode Group’s flight operations software Schedaero, used by business aviation operators and flight departments worldwide. Enhancements are being made across the platform with an initial focus on aircraft and crew compliance. Developers have also been working to make Schedaero data available through Application Process Interfaces (APIs), as well as enhancing integration with other systems, including industry-leading maintenance management tool CAMP.

Keith Lafortune, software engineering manager, Schedaero, says: “The rapid increase in team capacity means we will be delivering more great features to our customers even quicker than before. We have a lot going on in the areas of compliance, integration and with updates to our own APIs and apps, and we’re excited to get these into the hands of our customers.

“I’ve been part of Avinode Group for seven years, but I’ve never seen development scale up this quickly before, and the excellent talent we’ve been able to hire is testament to Portland’s strengthening position as a center for business. We’ll be moving into a new office space this fall to accommodate our growth – it’s an incredibly exciting time to be a part of Schedaero and Avinode Group as a whole.”

Johan Sjöberg, EVP, Schedaero, says: “Our progress on Schedaero will benefit an operator’s entire business, from the sales teams to the dispatchers, chief pilot, flight crew, aircraft owners and passengers’. Further strengthening Schedaero within the Avinode Group ecosystem and integrating third-party systems such as CAMP boosts interconnectivity, bringing together everything an operator needs to run their business seamlessly. Our new API suite brings greater flexibility to our customers – it allows them to access Schedaero data, enabling them to build system integrations that match their individual needs.
“With a host of new tech talent on board, we will also shortly be launching Schedaero’s first mobile app, which will allow crews to access the platform whether they’re in the office, in the cockpit or at home.”

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