Charter sales with
speed and accuracy

Providing customers with fast quotes for private flights is vital to expanding your charter aircraft business. Don’t sacrifice accuracy for speed when using Schedaero, a business aviation essential from Avinode Group. Schedaero quickly can import previous notes for return customers, apply discounted pricing profiles when necessary and update the itinerary as necessary. Thanks to these easy-to-use charter sales quoting tools, operators and brokers can commit more time to optimizing and expanding their business.


Chase the right deals

Focus on the customers that are more likely to convert. Consult your data in Schedaero to see which quotes to prioritize.


Quote faster & smarter

With Schedaero’s auto-filling quote templates, you can send out more quotes per day, ensure better accuracy and answer brokers quickly.


Get paid instantly

Thanks to our integration with the Avinode Group business aviation tool, Paynode, you can easily request payment with your quote and stay in control with real-time updates.

Connect to the Avinode Workflow

Utilizing the full suite of Avinode Group business aviation tools (Schedaero, Avinode and Paynode), users can work together seamlessly in an efficient workflow to maximize their exposure and profits. Generate charter sales leads, push your availability and empty legs directly to the Avinode Marketplace and manage your payments with Paynode.


Bring your air charter payments together

Closing deals securely is easier thanks to Paynode, another business aviation essential from Avinode Group. Thanks to Paynode, users can easily complete payments via card, wire, or instant payment when managing their charter trips. Regardless of the timezone, bank, or currency, everything is handled with a single workflow. Welcome to your new comfort zone.