Napa Jet Center uses Schedaero and Avinode for fast quoting and trip planning

Napa Jet Center is located at Napa, CA (KAPC) and is under the Lynx FBO umbrella of companies. Currently offers a Cessna 182, Cessna 414, Citation CJ3 and Astra for charter.

Products used:

The Customer

Napa Jet Center

The Challenge

Finding a suitable Flight scheduling software

The Solution

The Schedaero Flight ops solution

The Result

Using Schedaero in combination with Avinode for fast quoting and trip planning

How would you say Schedaero has developed and helped you during the years?
Schedaero has made it easy for us to quote and then turn the quote into a trip. Our pilots love that they can log in any time and see what is quoted and how their schedule looks. I’ve looked at other systems at length and still choose Schedaero after each evaluation.

What’s your experience working together with the Schedaero team?
Awesome. That’s all I can say, it’s just awesome.

If a colleague in the industry asked you to describe the best things about Schedaero what would you say?
I use both Avinode and Schedaero and I really feel (as a Part 135 operator) you get the most out of the platforms when used together. I worked for about 15 years with an excel spreadsheet for a calendar, a stand-alone accounting program, a whiteboard for pilots to view the schedule and binders upon binders to hold quotes and communication. I looked at BART and PFM for all of those years and it wasn’t until Avinode and then Schedaero that I felt compelled to invest in a scheduling program.

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