Schedaero boosts interconnectivity for larger operators

NBAA-BACE, Orlando, 15 October 2018: Leading business aviation technology company Avinode Group (Booth #4114) is announcing a series of developments to its flight operations platform Schedaero, which will enhance system interconnectivity for larger operators, integrate maintenance management solution CAMP, and enable the launch of a new mobile app.


As larger operators recognize the importance of data sharing to drive the digitization of the business aviation industry, Schedaero is leading the charge by boosting interconnection between its products and external systems. At the same time, this enables operators to create custom integrations to business-critical systems using Schedaero’s new APIs.

Enhancements to its APIs also mean that Schedaero is now fully integrated with CAMP. In addition, users of Electronic Advance Passenger Information System (eAPIS) will now be able to send trip data through Schedaero to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

The Schedaero app, which will be available on iPhone by the end of 2018, will benefit crew and dispatch teams by streamlining communication between the two and allowing them to track information on the fly, even without internet access. Users will be able to view and accept upcoming trips, view schedules and log expenses as well as update flight and duty logs and manage passenger check-in. In addition, the Schedaero app will integrate with the myWorld iPad app designed by World Fuel, enabling users to push data for flight planning, weather, airport search and fuel applications via the myWorld app too.

Johan Sjöberg, EVP, Schedaero, says: “We’re advancing Schedaero’s platform integration to better fulfill the needs of larger operators. In the same way that all Avinode Group products interconnect seamlessly, we’re integrating third-party providers to ensure everything aircraft owners, operators and flight departments need to run their business is in one place. At Schedaero, we believe that data should not sit isolated in a system, but should be shared, analyzed and used for collaboration to drive efficiency.

“Our customers requested CAMP integration and we’ve delivered. Schedaero is now fully interconnected with CAMP, meaning inputting aircraft information in either platform automatically updates the other, reducing admin time and eliminating data entry duplication. Maintenance ‘due dates’, for instance, are instantly uploaded into Schedaero from CAMP.”

Whether users are accessing Schedaero online, via the app or through APIs, users will now benefit from both quicker access and enhanced features. Sjöberg adds: “Development on our pilot compliance functionality is also accelerating. During the fall, operators will be able to track pilot qualifications and pilot training through Schedaero. If they don’t keep up with their training, appropriate alerts will be sent.”

The improvement to Schedaero’s offering follows targeted investment in the platform by Avinode Group, which has attracted a host of new tech talent to its Portland-based office. The company has more than doubled its Portland-based developers from 10 to 21 over the past 12 months.

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