Stephen Ellis talks Schedaero UX with FlightGlobal

Stephen Ellis is a user experience and interface manager at Schedaero, where he leads a development team dedicated to making the system intuitive in every possible way. He was recently interviewed by Flightglobal. Below is is an excerpt from the interview:

What sparked your interest in aviation?

I caught the travel bug early. My father was in the military, so we spent a lot of time traveling and living abroad. I’ve always loved the experience of going to the airport and the anticipation it builds around exploring new places. Aviation is a shortcut to discovering new countries, people and cultures – I find that an exciting space in which to work, and it means I get to engage with folks from all over the world.

What are the highlights?

The big highlights have been getting out to meet people using our software. The relationships you build working in this space are fantastic. People are excited about this industry, and we’re excited to bring them a solution that makes their lives easier.

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