Task Groups, CAMP Integration, Maintenance reports and iCalendar updates

Tasks Wonderland

Attach tasks to trips, pilots, aircraft and more! Create your checklists with groups of tasks on a trip, and set reminders for easier follow-up.

Task Groups in SchedAero


Keep track of your maintenance

Coming soon! We're working on an integration with CAMP that triggers warnings when an aircraft is up for maintenance. Want to try it out?
Contact us to be a tester


Maintenance Reports

Export an Aircraft Maintenance Report for easier overview of your fleet, and spot potential maintenance needs at a glance.

Maintenance Reports


More trip information to your calendar

The newest version of our iCalendar link allows you to export even more trip information to your personal calendar. Update the link now to get access to logistics, passenger lists, customer names and more.

iCalendar link updated


Wait, there's more...

  • Passenger notes are now automatically added on trip sheets to give your crew better insight to your passengers' special needs.
  • FlightAware tracking has never been easier. Click the link on your scheduled trip to open Flightaware with the right tail number.
  • Vendor emails are now automatically loaded to send your handling documents even quicker, straight from SchedAero
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