Get the most out of SchedAero with these updates from 2017

The SchedAero development team released close to 300 updates in 2017 alone. Get the most out of your SchedAero membership with some of our favorite features launched last year:

Maintenance Alerts

Set reminders for important MX due dates and counts based on aircraft activity and date. Auto reminders flag when a required maintenance operation is coming up.

Make payments fly with our Paynode Integration

Launched in 2016, PayNode is the world’s first payment platform specifically designed for business aviation. Lower rates, no more chargebacks and no alterations to your accounting system needed! It's a smooth and simple way to request and receive payments.

Who's your best customer?

Spend time on the right clients and know your numbers when creating quotes. Quote Intelligence gives you the most important data on your customers, as well as your quote history and airport statistics.

Fuel up, hands off

Enable automatic fuel requests for your most common airports and SchedAero will send a fuel request to the FBO 24 hours prior to departure.

Jet Cards

Manage your jet card contracts in SchedAero to keep track of your clients' balance. Keeping all your customer data in one place helps speed up your quoting workflow.

Tasks and Reminders

We launched Tasks and Reminders, which has been a highly requested feature. Create your checklists with groupings of tasks for trips, users, pilots or aircraft, and set reminders for easier follow-up.


Feedback and suggestions are highly valued here at SchedAero and our customers are always at the center of development conversations. Your requests help push SchedAero to new heights!


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